31 jaar oud | + 10 jaar ervaring | Antwerpen, België

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I strive to capture authenticity, and to do so without embellishing or interfering. My style is both timeless and contemporary, influenced by basic principals of art and design: color, line, space and composition.



Feeling, De Morgen, Ar.m, Studio Collect, Sternum, Sment, Eye5, GHESQ, Massy Magazine, Belmodo, Arenberg, De studio, OLT, Natural Highs Festival, Mechelsepleinfeesten, Studio Kroes, Ashtari,, F.A.A.M., Faces&Glasses, Wildpluk, Les Odettes, Awater magazine, Muted, Tiany Kiriloff, Ms. Bay,, La Fille d'O, Faren, KAAI.


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