43 years old | + 10 years of experience | East Flanders, Belgium

Discover who is Bram!

I am a director/reporter/cameraman/editor with +15 years of experience in media production. I have worked for all the big Belgian TV stations (VRT, CANVAS, VTM, VT4, ACHT, VITAYA,...)
I also focus on corporate video and documentaries. I have my own equipment for filming as well as editing. I work all over the world. Recent projects abroad; Malaysia, Mexico, Qatar, Botswana, Ethiopia,Mozambique, Peru... Recent clients; Bpost, A.S. Adventure, Mastercard, Telenet, De Efteling, Volvo,,...


Telenet, Volvo, De Efteling, A.S. Adventure, Alken Maes, Ancienne Belgique, Bpost, Mastercard.


Spoken languages

Dutch, english, french, german, italiaans and spanish.