• Nearly one in four people do not bother to read a real estate ad if the main photo is not appealing.

    A problem that real estate photography easily solves, a discipline that is more technological than ever.

    1) The UAV

    A jewel of technology, the drone is becoming more and more popular. Real estate photographers and their clients are increasingly interested in aerial photography.

    The drone offers several advantages: fast to deploy, easy to handle and quiet, it offers a unique perspective on the property's environment. It is also an essential tool to get as close as possible to the subject and provide exceptional shots in complete safety.

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    Brussels' Grand-Place
  • 2) Real estate photography rhymes with "reflex".

    Smartphone is easy, but a reflex offers an incomparable result. Good equipment is essential to take good quality shots. A wide-angle lens is a must have for any self-respecting professional. It enlarges the rooms and allows you to reveal the full potential of your properties!

    Finally, using a seasoned real estate photographer is even more important for exceptional properties. For exceptional places, exceptional photos.

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  • 3) The virtual visit

    The virtual visit is a real asset for a real estate advertisement. Whether through 360° photography or virtual reality, real estate ads are becoming more and more immersive. More than a preview, the virtual tour offers you a global vision of each room.

    And the future looks bright: between immersive apartment tours and virtual home staging, the sky is the limit.

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